Great Training is Within Reach

Every restaurateur knows better training reduces waste and creates consistency, but until now great training has been a monumental task. Start with Waitrainer+ and the rest is simple.


Choose the Content That Fits Your Restaurant

Waitrainer+ has an extensive library of the industry-best training content tailored to your restaurant type. We have training templates and videos on everything from how to deal with a declined card to ANSI accredited food handler courses, all included in our monthly fee. Just let us know what type of restaurant you have and we'll help you pick the content you need!

We Help You Get Set Up

We'll take the content you chosen and include it in your online restaurant training. Then we'll walk you through the basics of setting up new policies, menu items, and onboard training. We'll even setup 10 example menu items for you and help you organize your most important training content so you can get started right away!


Your Training, Anywhere

Congratulations! The hard part is done. Now all that's left is to push your new position specific training right to your employees smart phone or computer. Most restaurants get up in running in just a couple of weeks!

We'll even check back with you the following week and show you how to see if your staff is coming up to speed. We'll help you create tests and quizzes to be sure your staff have the knowledge to be successful.

Priced for Restaurants

We wanted to keep things simple: no tracking users, no buying individual pieces of content, no course limits. The only thing you should worry about is getting your training right.

$299 Setup

We'll work with you to get your setup started, fast. Tell us what you're most concerned about and we'll help find the training that's a fit! Our friendly onboarding team will setup your restaurant so you can roll out your new training next week!


One price per location. Deploy as many, courses, videos, and tests as it takes to get your staff trained.

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Curious about what it would take to simplify your restaurant training? We are too! Contact us. We’d love to hear about what’s important to you and see if we can help.