The Do's and Don'ts of Wine Training

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Ryan Schulte

Wine is an important part of any restaurant. Chances are you already know that! The question then is, how do I train my employees on such a complex subject so that they can sell more wine? We have written about upselling before yet there are still many answers to this question, and luckily there are a few great tips to help your employees upsell!

Do encourage storytelling.

Wine is an experience. Every wine comes from a different place and may be aged differently, blended differently, and may go well with one type of food and poorly with another. Telling the story of the wine, where it came from, and why it will make a guests experience better is a great up-selling tactic!

Do train on professionalism

This should be stressed in all training but is especially important when serving wine. Having a clear understanding of the wines and how to serve them is a key to good service, good sales, and good reviews!

Don't be pushy

Nobody likes something being forced on them. Leave the used car salesman tactics for craigslist. A much more successful approach is to inform your customer and let them make their own decision.

Forget about alcohol safety

Alcohol is easily carries the highest risk on the menu. Ensuring a safe experience for your guests is not just good business, it is your responsibility as a restaurant owner. Emphasize proper ID verification, offering food/water, and most importantly when to respectfully refuse a guest another bottle.