Why YouTube is your Best Training Accessory

Posted on September 4, 2015 by Michelle Locke

When it comes to training in your restaurant, having the right pieces in place can make all the difference. The prospect of rewriting or reorganizing a training program can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to create and implement new training materials quickly and easily. In this blog post, we’ll show you why YouTube is your best training accessory.

There are some great training videos on YouTube.

YouTube is most people’s go-to for easy tutorials, from a new hairstyle to a new recipe. Why not use YouTube for simple restaurant training videos or even equipment maintenance videos for your Back of House staff? There are lots of great videos available if you know what to search for!

If you’re a Waitrainer+ user, you can also use YouTube to answer questions about your Waitrainer+ site. You can view our Admin videos here. These videos are also great for learning more about Waitrainer+.

It’s easy to create & upload your own training videos.

We recently created a video on how to create and upload your own videos. Check it out here. It’s incredibly easy to create videos – you can film pre-shift meetings, training sessions, or a bartender garnishing a drink. Keeping videos short makes it easier to edit and upload—and easier for your employees to stay engaged and retain the information.

If you want to reduce the amount of time your trainers spend showing new hires the same process—such as creating garnishes for drinks, greeting guests, or cleaning a piece of equipment—creating videos for those processes can help reduce the amount of time you spend going over it for each employee.

Want to learn more about YouTube?

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