Why You Should Hire Green Employees

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Michelle Locke

A new study has found that restaurants steadily added positions in February, but a vast majority of those new positions were filled by first-time workers—otherwise known as “green” employees. Many restaurant owners and managers admit to not wanting to hire new staff without experience, because it will mean more training (which they may not have time for). But here at Waitrainer+, we think green employees can be a benefit to your restaurant! Here’s why:

1) They Allow Employees to Learn Leadership

The best part about hiring and training green employees is the possibility of delegating work away from managers and owners! Do you have an outstanding server who is ready to take on more responsibilities? Allow that server to train new employees. Your already outstanding server will learn valuable skills in hands-on training.

2) They Provide A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, procedures need an overhaul. Because experienced employees are used to doing things the same way over and over, green employees might provide the right perspective to see that something isn’t working! Make sure they feel comfortable communicating and suggesting alternatives—you don’t have to change everything they notice, but you might be surprised by what they suggest.

3) They Bring Excitement

The best part about green employees will be their excitement to be part of the restaurant industry. Everything is new and novel to them! Green employees can reinvigorate the environment of your restaurant, bringing some much needed enthusiasm and pep to everything they do.

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