Why Alcohol Safety Matters Around the Holidays

Posted on October 11, 2017 by Michelle Locke

DUI-related traffic stops increase by around 33% every December—and that number gets even higher closer to Christmas and the New Year. While not all of these incidents can be put to individuals drinking at restaurants, a portion of them are coming from bars, restaurants, or catered parties where they were overserved.

Due to Dram Shop Laws in some states, restaurants and individual bartenders can be held legally liable for drunk driving accidents and more. (You can read more about that here.) Especially around the holidays, when the weather is getting worse and more people are out late, going to dinner or parties, teaching your bartenders the basics of alcohol safety becomes even more important.

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Alcohol Safety Encourages Responsible Drinking

We often talk about increasing the average ticket cost in your restaurant by upselling alcoholic beverages, wine, and beer. But increasing a guest’s ticket shouldn’t come at the cost of allowing them to become too intoxicated to function.

Having an intoxicated guest in your restaurant is a recipe for disaster for a multitude of reasons: they can become aggressive; they might try to leave and drive drunk; or they could become sick. All of these things do nothing to help your restaurant or bar’s reputation.

Alcohol safety training in your restaurant encourages responsible drinking. Bartenders, when they check IDs and watch for signs of intoxication, are encouraging guests to drink responsibly.

As well, having a comprehensive alcohol policy in your restaurant is taking a big step towards encouraging not only alcohol safety among your servers and bartenders, but ensuring that guests remain safe in your restaurant—and when they leave.

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Alcohol Safety Prevents Accidents

And we’re not just talking driving accidents.

When alcohol safety is a priority and guests are not overserved, your bartenders protect your restaurant from a multitude of accidents that could lead to you being held legally liable. Intoxicated guests are more likely to slip, fall down, and injure themselves and others. And if they are allowed to drive home, they are more likely to cause a serious car accident and hurt themselves and others—severely and often fatally.

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone—and alcohol safety can help your guests reduce their stress without putting themselves or others in danger. No one wants to associate the holidays with a serious accident or a legal situation.

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