Waitrainer+ Q&A Webinar

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Michelle Locke

Waitrainer+ recently held a Q&A webinar where users, and those interested in Waitrainer+, could ask their most pressing questions. We had a great turn out and answered some great questions. You can watch the recording of our webinar here or keep reading for a summary!

How can I message a Course to a specific user?

Sometimes, you might use Waitrainer+ as a tool to re-train employees, if they need a refresher or have made an error. For example, if you have an employee get written up for improper check out procedures, you might want to re-assign your training content on check out procedures. You can message this specific Course to the employee by selecting the employee’s position in the message panel, and then finding the employee under Select Recipient.

How can I set a Due Date for a Course?

Any and all Course settings can be changed in the Manage Courses screen. To edit a specific Course, select the gear on the right hand side. You’ll then be able to make changes to the due date, as well as the assigned positions and more!

How do I make my training more engaging?

Creating engaging training is a subject we discuss often at Waitrainer+. We’ve written blog posts on it and held webinars on the topic! What works for one restaurant may not work for another, but our advice always boils down to: engage employees in training everyday (through pre-shift meetings), use training that involves a variety of learning methods (questions, charts, images, and video, not just text), and break text into easy-to-understand, short chunks.

When I start my Waitrainer+ set up, how can I be most efficient?

When you get started with Waitrainer+, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of material you need—and maybe you haven’t been organized about it before! You may have several copies of Employee Handbook and you’re not sure which is the right one. That’s ok! We recommend starting a new folder on your computer where you’ll store everything you put on Waitrainer+. In this folder, you can have subfolders for Employee Manuals, Staff Lists, Images, Menu Items, and more. By having all your materials in one place, you’re set up will be less stressful.

Have more questions?

We’re sure you still have questions about Waitrainer+—so don’t hesitate to send us a Tweet or a DM on Twitter @Waitrainer. You can also contact us here.