The Waitrainer+ Christmas List

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Michelle Locke

We’re making a list. We’re checking it twice. We want a lot of things for Christmas—and we wanted to share them with you!
  • We want every restaurant to succeed in 2017. If we could sit down with each and every restaurant owner and operator across the world, we would. However, time travel and a Star Trek-esque transporter don’t exist yet. We want you to succeed; we want you to have the best possible 2017 you can. Whether you need Waitrainer+ do that or not, we want to help you get there. So send us a note here and let us help you out.
  • We want restaurants to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, for maximum contact. If you’re a client, you can always send us a note on either platform to ask questions. If you’re just interested, we’re always up for a chat on how we can help you!
  • We want restaurants to sign up for our webinar alerts. Never miss a webinar from Waitrainer+, whether you’re looking for support webinars or more information about Waitrainer+. We try to offer at least one webinar a month. (You can also watch all of our old webinars here too!)
  • We want to know what restaurants want from a training program. Suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas for what would make restaurant training better, easier, simpler? Send ‘em to us at!
That’s it. That’s what we’re asking Santa for this year: simplified training for as many restaurants as possible and a great 2017. Want to join us? Give us a shout here.