The Top 3 Staff Training Concerns from Top Restaurants

Posted on September 25, 2017 by Amissa Giddens

Here at Waitrainer+, we speak with operations professionals in the restaurant industry on a daily basis. While each restaurant is unique and has it’s own culture, there are three common concerns that come up regularly.

When it comes to helping restaurant owners, operators, and managers solve these problems, we think there is power in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggle. Here are the top 3 concerns we hear throughout the year--and how training can fix them.

1.Front of House Server training

Guest experience in a restaurant is a paramount concern for a variety of restaurants. The face of the restaurant is the front of house staff, so it’s natural that front of house training is a focus.

Our clients concerns range from staff knowing the steps of service and how to implement them, to upselling to establish an enjoyable guest experience.

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Having a training program for FOH staff means they learn the standards you have for your restaurant. Training can increase employee confidence in their ability to serve guests well.

Additionally, training increases revenue through an upturn in ticket averages, reduces turnover, and ensures your guests will come back. As well, with exceptional service, your guests will post positively about your restaurant on social media outlets.

2. Food Safety Training

No matter where in the world a restaurant is located, they tell us that food safety is a major concern.

One of the worst things that could happen is for a guest to get sick, or for a kitchen to fail a health inspection. Worse, if an allergen is forgotten, skipped, or not pointed out, a guest can have a serious allergic reaction. None of these things reflect well on restaurants!

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While the regulations vary from state to state and country to country, implementing a high standard food safety training program is extremely important. Your employees will know proper procedures and sanitation practices, while reassuring your guests they are in good hands when it comes to their safety; both of these things ultimately protects the reputation of your restaurant.

3. Menu training

Another key concern in the restaurant industry is menu training. How do you get your staff to really know the menu?

Most restaurants we work with say that simply sending staff home with a menu to study is not providing them with the results they'd like to see. They want their staff, FOH & BOH to know the menu items, know recommended beverage pairings, know ingredient information, and understand what the proper presentation of the food should look like. Implementing menu training means conveying all this information, and being able to test, and track their menu knowledge. When this style of menu training is implemented, restaurants see the attention to detail, and knowledge in their staff that they have desired, and that is translated to guests by them having a consistent experience every time they visit their favorite restaurant.

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Of course you know as well as we do that these are not the only concerns for a restaurant, but these seem to be a consistent common thread of worry for people we talk with. We’ve been told that after recognizing training needs, and strategically implementing an effective training solution, it’s amazing the amount of stress and worry that is relieved, now enabling restaurant owners, operations, and management to focus their efforts on realizing the vision they have for their restaurant.