Staying Ahead Of The Curve: Menu Training & Technology Evolution In Your Restaurant

Posted on November 7, 2017 by Amissa Giddens

Does it seem like your staff is consistently on their cell phones? Whether it's texting, visiting social media sites, or browsing the web? It seems like that because it’s true! 98% of millennials have a smartphones, and 44% say they use it more for social interactions then in person socializing.

Times are changing. Why not keep up with technological advancements and stay ahead of your competition when it comes to consistent and innovative training that your employees will love?

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Picture this: Your restaurant is rolling out a new seasonal menu, and you need to make sure your staff is updated and knowledgeable about the new menu roll-out.

First, you pull out your smart phone and a take a picture of a plated menu item, from your new menu.

Second, using your mobile device, you shoot a two minute video of the chef talking about the ingredients, and process of making the entree.

Third, you pull up your restaurant's training site on your phone, and upload the picture, and video to your new menu training course.

Fourth, you take a couple minutes, to type in the price, potential allergens information, and recommended beverage pairings into the training course, then voila! You assign that menu training to all relevant staff.

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Your staff receives a notification that they have menu training they need to do, and they log into your restaurant's training site, from their mobile devices, tablets, or computers, on or off site from the restaurant and start learning about the new menu.

Why stop there? You become curious if your staff has done the new menu training course yet. You want to know their scores on the menu test. You want to see how much time they have spent training on the menu. Then you remember “No problem!” You pull up your training site on your phone and see all employee's progress and scores, remotely!

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This is a real life scenario of how top fast growing restaurant concepts, that range from Quick Service to White Table cloth, are all implementing E Learning into their restaurants training program.

They save time, and labor dollars by implementing online training courses. They also are able to maintain a high level of service standards consistently across multiple locations as they grow.

More and more restaurants are adopting online training in their restaurants, and in turn are giving themselves a serious competitive edge.

It admittedly can be an uncomfortable transition for many restaurant owners, and operators, to make, but the results have proven to be worth it! For more information about throwing out your traditional training manuals, click here.