How to Start Social Media Accounts for Your New Restaurant

Posted on May 2, 2017 by Michelle Locke

Social media is one of the most valuable assets a restaurant can use. We’ve written before about the importance social media in your restaurant. When it comes to opening a new restaurant, and getting started on social media, it can feel even more overwhelming.

We wanted to share a few tips to make getting started easier. With these tips, you’ll be able to start your social media accounts, start publishing posts, and start drumming up interest in your new restaurant.

1. Make sure you have a restaurant-specific email address. Don’t use a personal email address to make any new accounts. You can use Gmail to open an email for your restaurant. Use this email for everything restaurant related.

2. Create a Facebook Page for your restaurant, and put in the correct location. Restaurant pages on Facebook are some of the most popular. It’s important to know that you cannot use a personal Facebook account to promote your business (it’s against Facebook Terms of Service), but you can use your personal account to create a Facebook page. You can find instructions here.

3. Make an Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means it’s completely integrated. Even if you have a personal Instagram page, you can now switch between multiple accounts on Instagram. To make a new account, follow these instructions. Make sure to connect your new Instagram to your restaurant’s Facebook page; this makes for easier posting, because you can post to two platforms at once!

4. Make a Twitter. Using that same restaurant-specific email, make a Twitter account. Twitter can be an overwhelming platform (there is just so much), but overtime, it can be used effectively. Follow these tips for starting your Twitter account.

5. Pick a scheduling platform. Here’s the easiest way to use social media: schedule posts in advance (say, schedule the entire week on Sunday) and then check messages, replies, etc. once a day for 15-20 minutes. It’s much less work and much less overwhelming. We like Buffer and Later. Later is especially great because you can schedule Instagram posts.

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