How to Spring Clean Your Restaurant Training

Posted on April 18, 2017 by Michelle Locke

It’s officially spring… and that means spring cleaning! It’s a great time to year to do a big clean in your restaurant, get everything organized, and take a look at your training. With summer on its way, your restaurant is about to get busier than ever.

Not sure where to start? Whether you’re already using Waitrainer+ or not, we have some questions you can ask yourself (and, of course, tips) for getting everything in order.

1. How’s employee morale?

If you notice that even your star employees are dragging lately, it’s time to talk about employee morale. Why is employee morale important? Because if you don’t care of your employees, they can’t take care of your guests. We have a few steps to improving morale and your restaurant culture here.

2. How are your policies?

Whether it’s your social media policy or your alcohol policy, make sure that you’ve updated, and improved, the policies you have in place in your restaurant. New rules & regulations come out every year, so make sure everything is up to date. As well, ensure that your employees are all familiar with your policies. You can then use pre-shift meetings, or Waitrainer+, to have employees review these policies.

3. Do your employees know the menu pairings?

Having pre-established menu pairings, and training employees on those menu pairings, can improve your restaurant. This leads to improve upselling and upservice, a better customer experience, and employees who feel like experts at their jobs. Here are our tips for training employees to know menu pairings.

4. What pieces of training are missing?

If you feel like you have some major gaps in your training program, it’s time to fill those in. Whether you need a new manual, wine training, or safety procedures, we can help here at Waitrainer+. Just let us know if you need a hand!