5 Restaurant & Food Industry Twitter Accounts to Follow

Posted on May 17, 2017 by Michelle Locke

Social media can be difficult to navigate, even for those up-to-date on all the technology out there. However, it can also be a great resource for all businesses, as well as restaurants. Following the right people is paramount to narrowing down the noise and chatter and getting news, updates, and information that is relevant to you and your restaurant.

We narrowed down our favorite Twitter accounts to the best of the restaurant & food industry. Here they are.

1. Upserve

Our friends at Upserve don’t just have consistently great content on their blog; their Twitter account is a great resource to get updates on the restaurant industry and how operations will change as technology advances.

2. Restaurant Business Magazine

Restaurant Business Magazine has one of the best curated restaurant industry Twitter accounts out there; from food trends to consumer trends, they cover it all. If you need the biggest restaurant industry news, they’re the ones to get it from.

3. Restaurant News

Just like Restaurant Business Magazine, Restaurant News is a great source for everything related to the restaurant industry: consumer trends, news about big chains like Jack in the Box, and market trends are just a few things they cover.

4. Epicurious

Epicurious is entirely focused on food and recipes. It’s designed to help consumers and home cooks, but we really think it can give restaurants an insight into what consumers want—as well as food trends that are important.

5. Alton Brown

Purely for fun, because social media should be fun as well as informative, Alton Brown is one of the most fun people on Twitter. His insights into food, restaurants, and travel are magnetic. He has a huge following for a reason: he’s awesome.

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