Recent Updates to Waitrainer+

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Meredith Schwieger

We’ve made some minor changes and updates to the Waitrainer+ system. Most of these came directly from you! Feedback from our clients helps us to continue to improve Waitrainer+. We understand training, but we don’t work in a restaurant everyday—so we depend on our clients to help us see what needs changed and improved. Here’s what we’ve updated recently.


Fixed! Positions on the Message Course Form

As you may know, you can message a course to a specific user or any selected users with the Message Course icon. You can see the feature in use here.

If you’ve messaged a course previously, you may have noticed the the position checkboxes were out of alignment. You may even have reported it! It’s been fixed, as pictured below.

Change: ‘Read Message’ link changed to ‘Expand Message’

We are always trying to find ways to make the site more user friendly. Clients were reporting that their staff were confused over the ‘Read Message’ and ‘Mark Read’ links. We’ve changed the ‘Read Message’ link to ‘Expand Message’ to clear this up.

‘Expand Message’ allows you to read the full message. And, clicking ‘Mark Read’ indicates that you’ve read the message.


Did you know? Each Location Has a Region

Each location has a region, which has been determined at setup. When we added regions, existing locations were assigned a region of ‘default’. Up until now, this could not be adjusted.

Now regions can be updated.
Regions can be states or other groupings:
  • States/Provinces
  • Locations (Downtown, Uptown, West, East, North, South, etc.)
  • Corporate or Franchisee
  • And more!

Contact us if you’d like to make a change to your regions.

Taking Courses

Fixed! Lag Time After a Course was Submitted

We heard from you about an unreasonable lag time after certain courses were submitted. We tested it, and boy, you were right! No wonder some of your staff thought their screens were frozen. We know how inconvenient this kind of slowdown can be, especially in a restaurant. We’ve reconfigured the way courses are graded on the backend of the site, and you should find that the time it takes to submit a course is now much faster. Thanks for reporting on this issue!

Waitrainer+ Scheduling

Fixed! Unavailable Time Set to EOD, Conflict Icon Overlap

There was an error occurring when a user had a shift that conflicted with an unavailable time, ending in an EOD. The conflict icon was showing all day instead of just for their unavailable time. This has been corrected.

When a user sets their availability, an icon shows up if they are scheduled for a shift in that time period that they’ve designated as unavailable. This way you can see the conflict. To see this whole process, you can watch this video here.

If the user sets the start time, but leaves the end time blank, the user will be seen as unavailable from the set start time until the end of day.

End of day is represented as EOD.

Again, the conflict icon should only show when a user is scheduled for a shift that conflicts with their unavailable time.

Not seeing an update you were looking for?

Let us know! Your feedback is important to us. Our Support team is working with our development team and we will do our best to keep you in the loop on any ongoing updates that affect you.

If you have any questions or concerns about changes we’ve made, let us know! Send your thoughts to