Training Platform for Restaurants

Managing a restaurant is a complicated task, and you have a lot of people under your charge. You may feel overwhelmed trying to make sure all employees are on the same page and receive adequate training. That's where Waitrainer+ comes in.

Our online training platform for restaurants gives you the resources you need to train your waitstaff and bring everyone up to speed.

Our Training and Restaurant Management

Our training platform for restaurants includes all the new employee onboarding help you'll need. In addition to preparing your new workers for the fast pace of a restaurant environment, we can help you coordinate new-hire paperwork and onboarding processes such as W4s, I9s, and food handlers permits....

Our training programs also include customer service basics and more detailed training such as wine knowledge and food prep best practices.Online training can't substitute for in-person, hands-on training, but it can give your employees a leg up when it comes to the important on-the-job training. An easy-to-access online training program can help your employees learn important procedures and terminology on their own time so that they are prepared to handle real-life situations.With this valuable background knowledge, employees will show up with confidence because they will already have valuable background information before they start on-the-job training.

Our Commitment to Satisfaction

We want you to be able to benefit from our online training platform for restaurants, which is why we keep things simple. We don't track users, we don't make you pay for individual pieces of content, and we don't set a limit on how many courses you can utilize. Our price is per location, and you can use the platform as often as you need for as many employees as you need to.

Simplify Your Restaurant Training

Waitrainer is an online training platform for restaurants. To see our different concepts and learn more about us, click See a Free Demo below
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Curious about what it would take to simplify your restaurant training? We are too! Contact us. We’d love to hear about what’s important to you and see if we can help.