Waitrainer+ Scheduling F.A.Q.

Posted on August 19, 2015 by Michelle Locke

After opening a restaurant, setting a menu, and hiring employees, the real work of running the business begins: managing employees, ordering ingredients, scheduling shifts, and more. For managers and restaurant operators, these tasks can pile up and become overwhelming. One of the most complicated tasks faced by owners, operators, and managers is scheduling employee shifts. Here at Waitrainer+, we get a lot of questions about scheduling. We decided a few years ago to create a scheduling add-on for Waitrainer+. You might wonder if a scheduling program is right for your restaurant, and if it would make scheduling easier or just more complicated!

In this blog post, we’ll answer the most common questions we receive about Waitrainer+ Scheduling.

1. What are the benefits of the Waitrainer+ Scheduling program?

When it comes to Scheduling, there are a multitude of benefits, but it all depends on your restaurant and your needs. With a scheduling program, you can remove the unnecessary waste of printing spreadsheets and schedules, as well as the headache of trying to remember or keep documentation for every shift that needs to exist in a week or a month. A scheduling program may also help save owners, operators, and managers time when it comes to scheduling, simply by removing the process of printing, handwriting, and inputting information into a schedule. Waitrainer+ Scheduling is specifically helpful because it combines your training program with your scheduling.

2. With Waitrainer+ Scheduling, how will my employees know when they’re scheduled to work?

If you already have Waitrainer+ for your training, adding Scheduling is easy! When your employees log in, they’ll be able to see their scheduled shifts on the welcome screen. That means they can check their schedule from anywhere: on their home computer, at work, or on their smartphone. Here at Waitrainer+, we love this feature because it means that owners, operators, and managers will be able to hold employees responsible: no more “I didn’t see the schedule” excuses! If a change to the schedule becomes necessary, employees can be messaged that their schedule has changed—and that message is automatically sent to their email as well.

If you still want to post a public schedule, Waitrainer+ Scheduling also has the option to print a schedule.

3. Can employees use Waitrainer+ Scheduling to ask for time off or set their availability?

The short answer is yes. Employees can use Waitrainer+ Scheduling to set their availability (if, for example, they are in school and need to alert you to a change in their class schedule, or if they need a specific day off for a doctor’s appointment). However, we still encourage restaurants to continue using their own methods for time off and schedule change approval, with separate documentation. For example, if a server needs to have a Saturday morning off for an appointment, they should ask for approval for that day off from their manager before adding it to Waitrainer+ Scheduling. This just simplifies things and makes sure that owners, operators, and managers retain documentation.

4. Where can I learn more about Waitrainer+ Scheduling?

You can watch all of our Waitrainer+ Scheduling videos on our YouTube channel. If you still need more information, you can always contact us at support@waitrainer.com.