How to Keep Secret Recipes Secret In Your Restaurant

Posted on May 20, 2011 by Will Rife

Is there a more secretive recipe in the restaurant industry than K.F.C.'s fried chicken?

The importance of crafting and securing your most trusted recipes has become paramount to ensuring consistent quality. With the advent of social media, a bigger threat is the security of these closely held secrets.

I was curious about secret recipes, more than just the Colonel's, and even found a guy who has made a living duplicating recipes at Top Secret Recipes. Food consistency drives the image of your concept and culture, and "top secret", or long-held family recipes, are the true engine of consistency in food preparation. Kentucky Fried Chicken knows this. For decades has been able to keep this information classified by sharing it with a very small number of people. This method doesn't really work in today's fast-pased restaurant environment, unless an operator is committed to living in the kitchen.

A restaurant operator, owner, or manager has to be willing to share some of their most trusted secrets with their key staff. Employees in some states need to know the ingredients so they can communicate potential allergens to their guests, and other states even require you to post a notice of this information. While there is no true replacement for honesty and integrity, Waitrainer+ can help document and secure your information for the people in your establishment that need it the most. Think about it: no printed copies of those secret recipes to get lost or thrown away for anyone to grab.

The use of an authenticated user name and password in Waitrainer+ gives a lot legal clout if a breach of information were to occur and this is very important in today's viral media world. So open Fort Knox a little bit, get out of the kitchen, and feel free to contact us at here to get more information on our web based restaurant training.