How to Improve Your Restaurant's Instagram

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Ryan Schulte

We’ve written about social media and its importance before, but Instagram is different than most social media outlets in that it is based off images. As a restaurant your content is mostly going to be food photography, product photos (T-shirts, promotional posters, etc.), and some group portraits of your satisfied customers enjoying their meals. In order to get the most engagement you need to know a thing or two about the basics of photography! This may sound daunting but we broke it down into a few easy steps.

1. Background

Although it may get some laughs, having someone photo-bombing the background of your shot probably isn’t what you want on your instagram. Be mindful of what is in your background. As a general rule of thumb, backgrounds with neutral and even colors work best!

2. Lighting

Light is the key to good photos. Too bright and your picture will be blown out and white, too little and you lose all the details of your subject. When shooting product photos and food photos, try and avoid shadows and get a even light source with a mix of natural and artificial light. Take many photos with different lighting and see what looks best!

3. Rule of Thirds

The way a picture is framed (where the subject is) can draw the eye toward what you want the viewer to look at, or away. Think of the photo frame as divided into three different slices both horizontally and vertically. These nine boxes create four intersections that people’s eyes are generally drawn to these four intersections. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about where to place your subject in the shot!