How to Reintroduce Alcohol Safety Training for the Holidays

Posted on October 10, 2017 by Michelle Locke

If you can’t believe it is October already, we have to agree. But regardless, it’s time to buckle down and get ready for the holidays. This week, we want to focus especially on alcohol safety; it’s an incredibly integral part of the holidays, with spirits and stresses high.

Adding in additional training during these stressful, busy times can feel like it is too difficult to take on. But we have a few tips for reintroducing alcohol safety training right now without spending too much of your time doing it.

1. Pick Your Pieces

So you know you want refresh your alcohol training for the holidays. First things first, you should pick the pieces of training you want to focus on. It would be difficult to completely refresh on every aspect of alcohol safety and policy (although it is also totally possible); we recommend picking a few key pieces of training to reinforce throughout the holiday season.

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Our favorites would include:
  • Safety Plan
  • How to Check IDs (and signs of fake or forged IDs)
  • Safety measures for guest travel (if a guest seems intoxicated, how to tactfully assist and prevent an accident)

2. Introduce to Your Team

You might decide that it would be best to have just your bartender and server teams go through this training again. But we encourage you to focus on all your employees. It might be a prep cook going on break who notices a guest stumbling to their car close to closing time, or it might be a busser who witnesses a guest becoming aggressive, or it might be a food runner who thinks that a guest might have had too much. Every member of your team should receive this training to ensure the reputation and safety of your restaurant.

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Introduce these pieces of training to your staff, either at pre-shift meetings or on the bulletin board you use to communicate. (Even better, if you use Waitrainer+, you can simply send them training to refresh alongside a new quiz.) You might even schedule a special all-staff meeting for a Saturday morning or another time so you can go over everything and tell them how important this is for your restaurant.

3. Keep Staff Accountable

It’s one thing to introduce new training. It’s another thing entirely to introduce new training and then keep checking on your employees to ensure that they’ve actually absorbed what you’ve wanted them to.

( Click here to download an infographic about alcohol safety.)

Here are a few policies to put in place to ensure your staff is actually using training:
  • Keep in contact with managers and supervisors about how employees are doing
  • Use a quiz and sign off to ensure every employee has completed the training you requested
  • Speak with your employees at pre-shift meetings about how it’s going
  • Use pre-shift meetings to continually reinforce training, praise employees who are doing a good job implementing what you’ve introduced, and remind employees of the importance of alcohol safety.