How to Pick the Right Admin

Posted on May 18, 2015 by James Keil

"We just haven't had time to work on training," Tom said in a frustrated tone. "I'm not sure what to do with web-based training, and I'm wondering if we made the right choice by using it."

Tom owns a sports bar with around 50 employees, front to back. They've been shadow training for years with no real program in place, using a couple of outdated manuals and the occasional test that serves as more of a confirmation that the course was completed, rather than a way to measure effectiveness. Service standards were suffering, turnover was a problem, and his front of house staff could be doing a much better job building tickets and increasing profits. Tom and his team knew it was time for a change, so they decided to start using Waitrainer+.

Three months later Tom finds himself in the same predicament, only now he's got training software he's not using.

What happened? Isn't web-based training supposed to fix the problem? Make it easier? While restaurants, nightclubs and bars around the world are having great success with Waitrainer+, why not Tom?

The Problem

The core of the problem can be traced all the way back to the initial setup of content prior to Tom’s implementation date. He chose himself to be the lead administrator for Waitrainer+, even though he also happens to be one of the busiest people on the property, dealing with the day to day from dark to dark, weekends and holidays included. He holds the most training knowledge, so naturally it made sense for Tom to appoint himself as the point person for Waitrainer+ set up. This decision is proving to be a costly one and it's not getting better.

Contrary to what most people may think, the administrator in charge of overseeing the initial set up of Waitrainer+ does not need to know everything about training. Their primary role should be making sure the text, images, test questions and other types of media look and function properly. It is also important for the lead administrator to be available a few hours a week in the beginning to make sure Waitrainer+ is set up correctly and running on all cylinders. It's not a knowledge thing so much as it's a formatting thing. Copying, pasting, inserting menu items, etc. is something a restaurant owner/operator simply does not have the time to do, and lack of time for training is the number one reason restaurants contact us in the first place. Great intentions and poor strategy have led some restaurants to fail in the realm of web-based training.

The Solution

It doesn't need to be this way. Restaurants of every concept and size are having remarkable success using Waitrainer+, and here's how they're doing it.

They look to veteran staff—the trainers and leaders who they depend on to deliver shadow training today. They ask them to be a part of Waitrainer+, grant them administrative access and have them log in with specified permissions and tasks. These staff members will respond positively to the recognition, and if they've spent time training in the past, they'll be happy for the help Waitrainer+ can provide. Results from this strategy have been nothing short of phenomenal. We've seen restaurants put one of their lead servers or kitchen staff in charge of the set up, resulting in huge benefits, new ideas, and some great new content.

Restaurants who are successful using Waitrainer+ also don’t hesitate to contact Waitrainer+ Support. We can't overstate the importance of making sure your administrative staff is confident and capable of running Waitrainer+. Our support personnel have experience in staff training, best practices and proven strategies. We are here to help.

They also attend customer webinars. Waitrainer+ conducts webinars twice a month, and we cover everything from best test creation practices to producing effective training video on your mobile devices. We open the floor for questions as well. The webinars are usually around 15 to 20 minutes, and we record them if you're unable to make it. Our next webinar is on May 26; you can view details and register here.

Tired of reinventing the wheel? If writing your own content is stalling your implementation process, check out the Waitrainer+ Content Store and see if our completed front to back training modules are right for you.

Remember that the hard work is on the front end, short term, so the easy part happens long term. We are always happy to help you join restaurants around the world in implementing a successful training system for your business with Waitrainer+.

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