How to Perfect Restaurant Culture, Reduce Turnover, & Improve Employee Performance

Posted on September 27, 2017 by Michelle Locke

In preparation for the holidays, we wanted to share a roundup of our most valuable blog posts from the last few months. We’ve covered everything from detoxing your training to increasing your sustainability.

But for the holidays, we want to focus on three topics in particular: improving your restaurant culture, reducing turnover, and improving employee performance. These three topics are the ones we hear most about from restaurant owners, managers, and operators like yourself. People want their restaurant to run smoothly, allowing them to have a little time to catch up on their to do list. We firmly believe that all these blog posts answer the call of restaurant owners (and managers) to help them improve what isn’t working so great at their restaurants.

Let’s get started.

We kicked off the summer with advice for detoxing your restaurant: Is It Time for a Training Detox? covers everything from toxic training to toxic management. Addressing issues in your restaurant that are making your restaurant’s culture difficult for employees is incredibly important.

Next, we covered a topic that is near and dear to everyone at Waitrainer+’s hearts: the mental health of your employees. From Why Chefs Need Access to Support to 10 Issues That Affect Employee Morale to 3 Employee Issues and How to Fix them, we covered the ways you can help your employees to be healthier, more well-rounded people.

Another major issue in restaurants is turnover, which is a hot button issue in the entire restaurant industry. We wrote a blog post in June about whether improved morale reduces turnover; we also wrote a blog post with 5 Tips for Reducing Turnover.

If you’re wondering, yes, improved morale reduces turnover. As well, managing employee burnout does too; we wrote a great blog post on How to Fight Employee Burnout.

Speaking of employee burnout, improving your restaurant’s culture will improve your employees performance. We firmly believe in training your employees to be brand ambassadors (aka your #1 fans); this ensures trust in them and makes your culture one of a fandom. We have two posts about brand ambassadors: How to Train Employees to be Brand Ambassadors and What Are Brand Ambassadors.

Need more ideas for improving employee performance? We’ve got you covered: Why Annual Restaurant Employee Evaluations are Important, All About Cross Training, and How to Empower Employees Through Training are just three of our best blog posts from September about improving performance.