How to Keep Your Staff Engaged at Your Restaurant

Posted on July 24, 2015 by Michelle Locke

One of the questions we receive most often here at Waitrainer+ is about employee engagement. Often, the longer employees work for you, the more they’ll go into autopilot at work. They begin to make mistakes, to overlook small tasks, or become disengaged in general. How can you keep employees connected to their work and the restaurant? Here are a few of tips for keeping your employees engaged.

1. Train everyday.

As we mentioned in our recent webinar on on-going training (you can watch a recording here), training for just a few minutes everyday, even among long-term employees, can keep policies and procedures fresh in their minds. You can incorporate this training into your pre-shift meeting easily to keep employees motivated to succeed.

2. Use video training.

We’ve suggested before that making your own training videos is a great way to offer a variety of training methods in your restaurant. However, one great reason for making your own videos is that you can utilize some of your best employees! Inviting your best servers, bartenders, line cooks, and others to participate in training videos is a great incentive to continue to do a great job. If employees are involved in creating and implementing training, they will feel as if they have a stake in your restaurant… which will keep them all the more motivated to provide great service.

3. Offer praise & incentives.

Another great way to keep employees engaged in their jobs is to continually offer praise. In pre-shift meetings, you can always find a great example of service from the day before and offer praise to that specific employee. This keeps them invested in the restaurant and aware that you are paying attention and noticing their work. Offering incentives to provide great service is a simple way to keep employees doing their best.

Want to learn about more great training tips?

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