Get Ready, We’ve Made Some Changes to Waitrainer+

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Meredith Schwieger

One thing we’ve learned from our Waitrainer+ clients is that there are always improvements that can to be made and features that we could improve to work better in real, live restaurants. We love hearing feedback and we use that information to make positive changes to the Waitrainer+ system. Here are just a few changes we’ve made recently.

Make Changes to Courses without Reassigning!

Do you need to make edits to a course? We get it. Occasionally we miss a spelling error too. Now you can quickly make edits to a course without reassigning the course to your users. After you make a change at the Library location, check “Push to Locations” and click “Save”. You will see the following prompt:

If you’ve updated the due date of the course and wish to preserve the current due dates for your users, click “Yes”. If you wish to change the course’s due date for all users before you save your changes, click “Cancel”.

To update the course’s due date for all users, check the “Retake” check box in addition to the “Push to Locations” check box, and then click “Save”.

Waitrainer+ Interactive Videos: Reformat Automatically On Mobile

Having trouble with Interactive video on Mobile devices? Interactive video wasn’t working as desired on tablets and smartphones.

To eliminate bugs and error screens on mobile devices, we have reformatted interactive videos on mobile to play as a regular video would, with all the questions appearing beneath the video play.

Interactive Videos still work as intended for users training at computers or laptops.

What You’d See on a PC:

Video Plays:

Question or Event Occurs:

What You’d See on a Mobile Device:

Youtube Videos No Longer Showing Suggested Videos

Annoyed by the suggested videos that appear at the end of a YouTube video? That will no longer occur in Waitrainer+. Your staff will have to get their cute cat video recommendations elsewhere.

Position Filters, All or None

We’ve been slowly adding in the All or None options for Positions and Unit Filters where they appear on the site. Now assigning a course to everyone on your staff is a one click process.

Multiple Choice, Ranging from 1-5 Choices

You requested we add an option of just one choice on “multiple choice” questions. You can now use this feature as a way to get acknowledgement or confirmation from your users. For example:

New! Adding A Manager/Admin Pin to Unlock A Course

This is another feature that you requested. Now you can add a pin to a course. Choose any 4 digits. You can then enter that 4-digit pin for a user, or give it to them to use in the future in order to access the course.

If you’ve entered the pin for the user, they will only have access to that course for the remainder of their session on the site.

If you hand out the pin, you can change the pin at anytime to revoke access to a particular course. For example, you could change the pin after the course’s due date has passed. Then a user would have to get a new pin from you to take an overdue course.

Setting the Pin:

When the User clicks a Course with a Pin lock:

Assignment Status: Today Vs. Overdue

Courses that were due on a given date, were displaying under the “Courses Due” section on the Home screen in both the “Overdue” and in the “7 Days” buckets. This has been resolved. Courses now resolve to “Overdue” if not completed by 5:00 p.m. Pacific time on the given date.

Add Passing Score

Another request straight from you! You asked to see a user’s score reflected on the Review Summary Screen. Now that score will display as seen below.

New! Support Tab

A new tab has been added for Group Admins, Locations Admins, and Managers. This tab includes our Support team’s contact information, as well as many of our tutorials from the Waitrainer+ Youtube Channel. Of course you can still see all videos on our channel by clicking the Youtube icon in the bottom right corner of any Waitrainer+ screen. We’ll continue to add to the Support tab.

Waitrainer+ Scheduling

Are you using Waitrainer+ Scheduling at multiple locations? Now the location that a user is scheduled at will always display. If the user is not scheduled, they will not see the location drop down. If more than one location appears in the drop down, the user has a shift scheduled at more than one location.

Not seeing an update you were looking for?

Let us know! Your feedback is important to us—without it, our Support team wouldn’t know what needs fixing. They are in contact with our development team and will do their best to keep you in the loop on any ongoing updates that affect you.

With your continued help, we continue to improve Waitrainer+ with the hope that our system continues to be an invaluable training tool for each and every user. If you have any questions or concerns about changes we’ve made, let us know! Send your thoughts to