Why Your Employees Shouldn't Set Down Their Smartphones

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Michelle Locke

This month, we’re writing about sustainability. So you might be wondering: what does using smartphones have to do with sustainability?

Well, just about everything.

Imagine this in your restaurant: instead of printing physical checklists for your employees to use for side work, they check their to-do list on their smartphone. Instead of printing physical forms for your employees to sign upon hire, they use their smartphone to digitally sign documents and record that they read and understand important information, like Harassment Acknowledgement. Instead of printing a 40+ page manual, they can access all that information on their cell phone—which means even if they aren’t at the restaurant, they can double check standards for their nails or jewelry or remind themselves of the policy for calling out sick.

That sounds great, right?

The factor that ties all those things in common is that, instead of printing everything in your restaurant on paper, your employee uses their smartphone.

Thanks to Waitrainer+, your employees can train on their smartphone, as well as access important restaurant information, complete forms, and more.

Again, what does this have to do with sustainability?

Less paper use means a more sustainable restaurant, period. Paper use is one of the biggest issues in restaurants, and actually all businesses, when it comes to sustainability. According to the Paperless Project, the usage of paper products had increased to 208 million tons in the last 20 years; that’s a 126% growth, despite having access to computers and forms of paperless business management. Paper accounts for 16% of solid waste in landfills. Remember, it takes about 12 trees to make 1 ton of non-recycled paper; it takes about half a tree to make a carton (10 reams) of non-recycled paper.

Those are huge numbers. The amount of paper used, thrown away, and put into landfills is huge, especially because it is a recyclable product.

Your employees shouldn’t set down their smartphones in your restaurant and that’s why: you can easily become a mostly paperless restaurant, reduce your paper waste and save money on buying expensive paper. As well, your employees will have access to better training, more efficient means of completing side work to-do lists, and a direct line of access to information they will need throughout their shift.

For more information about the Paperless Project, click here.