5 Tips to Prepare for Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 31, 2017 by Michelle Locke

Uh oh, Valentine’s Day is just a little over two weeks away. 42% of couples will go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, which means that it’s a huge opportunity for restaurants. We wanted a share a few tips to get ready now so your staff will be in tip top shape for the big day!

1. Include menu training in your pre-shift meetings

We’ve written about pre-shift meetings before. But if you haven’t started including menu training in your pre-shift meetings yet, we highly recommend you start doing so now. This is an opportunity to brief your staff on:
  • those all-important Valentine’s Day specials
  • how to present & pair wine
  • how to upsell

2. Remind your servers & bartenders about professionalism

When it comes to restaurant service, even in the most casual of establishment, professionalism is important—especially during holidays like Valentine’s Day, where one bad customer service experience can ruin the day. We like this checklist for restaurant professionalism.

3. Review upselling techniques

Upselling, especially wine, is incredibly important on Valentine’s Day. We’ve written about unconventional ways to upsell before, as well as how to upsell around the holidays (these tips apply to any holiday, really). Make sure you go over your preferred methods of upselling during pre-shift meetings and make sure that your servers and bartenders understand that you expect them to be upselling at every opportunity.

4. Get your wine list set.

Wine is incredibly important on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you have your wine list established for the big day in advance and train your employees on how to describe and upsell those wines.

5. Revisit your restaurant training

Listen, we know it is a large order. But any big event, especially a holiday, is a great time to revisit and assess how your training program is working. Are you dedicating the time to it that you need to? Is it time to delegate the task to someone else? Or is it time to look into a more formal program, like Waitrainer+? If you have questions, we’re always here and available; just send us an email here.