5 Tips for Reducing Turnover

Posted on September 5, 2017 by Michelle Locke

When it comes to turnover in restaurants, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle. You hire a new person; one of your tried-and-true servers quits. You rehire; you fire; someone quits; you rehire; and it goes on and on and on. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

We can’t help but sympathize. Addressing turnover is one issue we hear about a lot from our users. Not only is turnover expensive, it drastically reduces employee morale—especially when your best employees are always having to pick up after new employees, still learning the ropes!

So besides implementing a comprehensive training policy in your restaurant (because we’ve already covered that in previous blog posts), what are some things you can start doing to reduce your restaurant’s turnover?

1. Pay Attention During the Hiring Process

The best way to prevent turnover is to pay attention during the hiring process and, of course, hire the right people. Easier said than done, we know! Sometimes, this might mean hiring someone who is enthusiastic and excited instead of perhaps more experienced. Also pay attention to the schedule and goals of the person you’re hiring. Someone who is willing to work hard and find new opportunities will be a better employee than someone just looking for easy money.

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2. Provide Opportunities for Growth & More

Speaking of employees who are passionate and willing to work, employees won’t want to work very hard if they don’t see opportunities for advancement in the restaurant. Whenever possible, promote from within; this shows that you are dedicated to your employees and you want them to be a part of the restaurant. As well, offering opportunities for all staff to take on other tasks in the restaurant shows trust as well.

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3. Demonstrate Respect for your Employees

Your employees won’t want to stick around if they don’t feel respected. Showing trust in your employees demonstrates that you respect them; listening to their concerns and taking action when they need help it are other ways to show respect for your employees.

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4. Offer Performance Feedback.

Your employees need to know what they are doing well and what they need to work on. If they are guessing at how well they are doing, they will resent it when they get disciplined for something. When you offer performance feedback, you ensure that employees are on track and it helps them better know how to do their jobs.

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5. Staff Your Restaurant Adequately.

This is the easiest one! Make sure your restaurant is adequately staffed and that no one has more work than they can reasonably handle. If you’re servers are also taking on the work of bussers, hosts, or food runners in your restaurant, then you need to buckle down and hire more help; if a server is overworked, they’ll get burned out.

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