3 Steps to Better Training

Posted on December 27, 2016 by Michelle Locke

Better training doesn’t have to be a headache. That’s what we believe here at Waitrainer+.

We firmly believe that we can turn around your training with the Waitrainer+ system in just 2 weeks. However, if you just aren’t ready (financially or mentally) to take that leap, we have a few steps you can take without Waitrainer+ to get your training in tip-top shape for 2017.

1. Organize all your training materials.

If you’re using paper manuals, hunt down every copy of them you have, either in paper or on your computer. Which one is the correct one? Start a new 2017 folder on your computer and get the correct copy (the one that every new hire needs) into that folder; also add any forms you like to get first thing. Having everything in one place will cut down the time you spend searching for the right piece with every new hire.

2. Make sure every employee is up-to-date on policies & procedures.

If you have some employees for more than 3 or 4 years, make sure they have been trained on the newest policy & procedure changes. It’s easy to let little things like this slip through the cracks, but staying on top of it is important; we recommend using pre-shift meetings to re-establish these important policies.

3. Set a strict new hire timeline.

It’s easy to let new hires go through the old method of “sink or swim” training—but we definitely don’t recommend it. Set a specific timeline and policy for new hires: they need to turn in the handbook receipt and tax forms by a certain time, complete a quiz by a certain time, and go through a certain number of days shadowing. Setting up this kind of timeline will ensure that each new hire gets the same treatment!