3 Simple Tips for Restaurants on Instagram

Posted on April 29, 2016 by Michelle Locke

Instagram is a booming social media platform—and it’s especially valuable for restaurants and food-related imagery. Diners love to share photos of their food on Instagram and if they’re able to tag your restaurant’s account in their images, that will drive even more traffic to your restaurant! We have a few simple tips for managing an Instagram account without using hours of your time.

1. Style Your Food

Food photography is a tricky art, especially using a camera phone or tablet camera. However, it’s totally possible to make your food look delicious and beautiful. We love these tips for food photography. In short: photograph food in good, natural lighting; compose the shot carefully; and use apps (like Afterlight or ColorStory) to correct any issues with color or look.

2. Share Restaurant Culture

Besides sharing your food on Instagram, you can share your restaurant’s culture! Every restaurant has its own little personality, especially among employees. Love how goofy and funny your employees are together? Share it! Short videos and pictures of staff (with their consent) will help to bolster your restaurant’s image and brand.

3. Don’t Go Crazy

You don’t have to be using Instagram all day! You can take lots of pictures in advance; set aside one or two days a month to take photos around your restaurant. You don’t need to post more than one or two photos a day, at the most. Establish your presence on Instagram by advertising your account at your restaurant and encourage diners to tag their own posts. Beyond this, don’t stress about Instagram day-to-day!

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